Welcome Back Wayne


I am very happy and excited to announce that Wayne ‘Mr. RVM’ Seguin has joined the Engine Yard team. Starting today, Wayne will be helping our Rails/Ruby community to ensure we get Ruby on Rails onto every developer’s machine in the world. I hope he’ll have this complete by next Christmas, but world domination can take time so I don’t want to put too much pressure on him too soon.

First stop, [REDACTED].

Wayne didn’t want me to steal his thunder and write about his plans in my post. So, stay tuned. He wants his own post to explain in more detail. Wayne…we’re waiting!


Wayne is joining Engine Yard for the second time which makes this all the more exciting. He’s back! Wayne first joined Engine Yard on January 1, 2008, back then he was employee number 20-something. Today he returns as Engine Yarder number 86.

The world of hosting, automation and managing Rails applications in the cloud has changed dramatically since 1/1/2008 (or 1/1/2008 for people who prefer the alternate date format). In Engine Yard’s early years we pioneered a full Rails stack on our own hardware. Today, we’re forging ahead into new territory, leading the way with a Rails stack on multiple ‘clouds’ – currently Amazon’s AWS and Terremark’s eCloud, which pair up with our AppCloud and xCloud offerings. As Tom Mornini says, Engine Yard is no longer in the hardware business. Our hardware has been sold. Probably on Groupon or some other service.

Wayne is far too wise for us to allow him to roam the streets without scooping him up and asking him to join the Engine Yard team. He’s well versed in supporting and managing Rails applications from his days in Engine Yard Support. He knows the ins and outs of our stack and automation layers from his last year as “the RVM guy” and as a consultant for our customers. He knows so much about Ruby and our Ruby community that we’re all very excited to have a prototypical Engine Yarder like Wayne return. He’s awesome.

Welcome back!

Dr Nic Williams


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