Visual Enhancements to the Dashboard

We have three new layout changes on Engine Yard Cloud coming out soon, and we’d like to tell you about them.

These layout upgrades make the Dashboard easier to use and visually clearer, but they don’t affect functionality or your established workflows. Most importantly, the new column dimensions will help us deliver other features and user experience enhancements over time.

1. Tools are up top.

“Tools” are now a part of the header system, in a drop down menu to the upper-right. The “Dashboard” link does the same thing as the blue house icon that appears on almost every page.

2. Fix it quicker.

It’s now easier to file a ticket or visit our documentation. If you are the owner of an account, you will also see a link where you can manage your support level.

3. I’ll take my messages on the side.

Alert and notification messages are now on the right side of the page, making them more readable and preventing them from pushing everything else far down the page when they stack up.

Next up.

Our next steps include improving the messages and alerts to make them context sensitive and to let you filter them. We’ll also be rolling out some cool navigation updates. Sit tight and we’ll post here again soon.

Holla at us!

We would love to hear your feedback regarding these changes! Please email with your comments or suggestions.


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