Top 10 Reasons to Attend Distill


As if there aren’t enough reasons to head to San Francisco for Distill on August 7th and 8th, here are the TOP TEN reasons you should grab your ticket now:

10) San Francisco in the Summertime!

Not too hot, not too cold (errr, if we’re lucky!), San Francisco is at its best during the summer, and our Distill team will make sure that our conference includes plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sunshine and frolic in the grass.

9) Eamon Leonard’s Beard

Eamon will once again be hosting the conference for intrepid explorers in the wild frontier of technology and not only is his beard a sight to be seen, but he’s a pretty darn good emcee as well.


8) Lunch and Lawn Games

You won’t be holed up in some hotel conference room for lunchtime. It’ll be a throwback to the fun you had during elementary school recesses with lunch and some delightful lawn games and activities.

7) The Old Exploratorium

Formerly home to the Exploratorium, the Palace of Fine Arts is simply gorgeous and the Distill team could not be more excited about this very unique location to host our very unique conference.


6) Tasty Treats

The Distill team has been working hard, scouring the city for the best food and drinks and taste testing away to ensure your palette is as stimulated as your brain. Maybe you’re expecting watery hotel coffee, stale donuts, and a general sense of meh. Not at Distill—prepare to be blown away by what we’ve planned.

5) Polaris - A Galactic Kickoff Party

We are bringing our theme of exploration to the stars and throwing an amazing kickoff party at The NWBLK where you’ll be able to hang out with new friends while enjoying delicious food, tasty spirits, kickin’ tunes, and more.

4) An Amazing Speaker Lineup

Our schedule is jam packed full of inspiring individuals.

3) Return of the Panda


Were you at Distill last year? No? Then you haven’t gotten your picture taken with the Engine Yard Panda! If you were at Distill, you probably want a new opportunity to high-five the funnest furball at the conference (aside from Eamon’s beard).

2) Robots

More robots than last year - and that was a lot! If you love robots, and we know you do, missing Distill would be a mistake. From flying drones to hacked knitting machines, robots will be the talk of the town. Don’t miss it!

1) An Amazing Opportunity

From our venue, to our sidecar events, to our speaker lineup, with some robots in between, Distill 2014 will not disappoint. Tickets are available now, but are selling fast! Don’t miss out!



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