Thoughts on RubyConf 2017

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This year, Rubyists from around the world gathered in the stunning and unique city of New Orleans, Louisiana for a celebration of the Ruby programming language and the people who make and support it. Engine Yard was lucky enough to be a part of this great event once again.

One of the keys to a great RubyConf is the talks and this year was no exception. With stellar keynotes from Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto, Sandi Metz, Andy Croll, and, for the first time in years, Chad Fowler, each day opened and closed with brilliance! And the in between was no different - a great version of “Another Ruby Minute” with Andrew Faraday was highly entertaining. Caleb Thompson taught us about distractions and finding responsibility. Caroline Taymor brought us back to our roots with focus on the scientific method.

With four tracks, it was tough to catch everything, but luckily Confreaks was there to catch all of the action! Be sure to catch up on anything you may missed last week as the videos are released over the next couple weeks.

Beyond the conference rooms there was more fun to be had. Plenty of people stopped by our booth to check out the Tetris competition. Folks were everywhere in the hallway track sharing things learned and new techniques. It was great to see the melange of newcomers, people who have always been there, and anyone who falls in the middle getting along, learning and sharing.

After hours was no different. Beyond great events like #rubykaraoke night at The World Famous Cat’s Meow, attendees explored the Crescent City, grabbing drinks, beignets, and all the great food and nightlife New Orleans has to offer.

All of this combines into the most amazing part of Ruby - not the code, but the people. Ruby has created an accepting, open, amazing community of people who enjoy each other's company and intellect, insights and ideas. This community is so strong, it continues to thrive and bring people together. We could go on, but really Avdi Grimm put it best.

This community is something we continue to dedicate ourselves to. This community deserves the best, and we hope to be here, as we have since the beginning, all the way into the future.


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