The Distill Schedule is now live!


The Distill Schedule is now live!

We have done our best to create a balanced, exciting schedule, and we think we’ve succeeded.

This year we’ve amped it up with not two but three tracks - each one packed full of exciting, innovative trail blazers in the tech community. We are aware that with so many excellent speakers our attendees will have some difficult decisions to make and that’s why we will be recording all the talks again.

As regular conference-goers ourselves, we recommend picking talks where you feel you will benefit the most from direct interaction with the speaker (or the speaker’s robots). But no need to stress too heavily over your selections, with a schedule as jam packed with content as this is, any choice you make will be the right one. Even with three tracks, we’ve designed Distill to be an intimate conference with plenty of opportunities to interact with speakers and fellow attendees.

If you haven’t taken a look at this year’s lineup, check it out.

Our keynoters are:

In addition, here is a sample of our session speakers:

André Arko of Bundler fame, will talk about how our metrics lie to us in “Lies, Damn Lies, and Metrics”

From one human to another, Angela Harms will talk about collaborating with other humans in ”Being Human: A Collaborative Approach to Making”

Distributed systems veteran Blake Mizerany will show us how to coordinate the automation of thousands of servers in the face of failure in ”Half-1 Distributed-Systems Use Consensus”

Co-founder of Intercom, Des Traynor will show you how to identify core features to build your product strategy in “Product Strategy in a Startup”

Returning for another appearance this year, the enthralling Ron Evans will show us “The 10 Rules of Robotops”… yes, this one has robots.

These are just a few of the talks we have this year, for the rest, check out the schedule now and if you haven’t picked up your tickets yet now is the time! Early bird tickets are currently on sale through July 1st.

Eamon Leonard


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