The 13 Ruby Conferences You Cannot Miss in 2018


Nothing remains constant, especially in technology. As we continue to develop new DevOps implementations for our clients, we understand how important it is to stay current with changes in programming techniques and best practices. Even though we consider ourselves experts in Ruby on Rails development, Ruby on Rails continues to evolve as more people contribute to the open source framework. That’s why Ruby conferences are so important; they are the best place to meet with other Ruby developers to share tips and techniques, and to gain a better understanding of what the future holds.

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One of the great things about open source software is that the community continues to make it better. Anyone can access and improve the free open source code that makes up Ruby on Rails. In fact,
more than 4,800 developers have contributed to Rails source code, and that number keeps growing. Ruby conferences are the best forums to learn about new Ruby contributions and best practices, and it’s where we perfect our craft as Ruby on Rails developers.

Of course, there are dozens of Ruby conferences worldwide, each designed to serve professionals in different regions with different levels of expertise and different specializations. There is our list of 13 Ruby conferences to consider attending in 2018 if you are interested in Ruby on Rails development:

  1. Wroc_love.rb – Scheduled for March 16-18 on Wroclaw, Poland, the conference was created to help Ruby developers become more proficient and is designed for those with an advanced knowledge of Ruby.

  2. BathRuby 2018 – Taking place in Bath in the UK March 22-23, BathRuby features talks for the technical and the non-technical on a wide range of Ruby-related topics.

  3. Isle of Ruby – Scheduled for April 13-15 in Exeter, England, the Isle of Ruby conference aspires to be a Ruby Festival, celebrating Ruby programming and its impact on the world.

  4. RailsConf 2018 – Being held in Pittsburgh on April 17-19, RailsConf is for Rails developers, enthusiasts, companies, and others. RailsConf bills itself as the longest-running conference for Ruby on Rails developers, and it also is one of the largest.

  5. Ruby Elixir Conf Taiwan 2018 – Taking place at the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation in Taipei April 27-28, this conference is focused on both Ruby and Elixir development with an assortment of technical experts.

  6. RubyHACK 2018 – RubyHACK will be held in Salt Lake City on May 3-4 and will bring together students and hobbyists as well as expert Ruby on Rails developers. Last year’s RubyHACK conference had a diverse group of speakers addressing a variety of Ruby coding topics.

  7. RubyKaigi 2018 – One of the foremost international gatherings of Ruby developers, RubyKaigi is scheduled to take place in Sendai, Miyagi, Japan from May 31 to June 2.

  8. Paris.rb.Conf 2018 – To be held in Paris on June 28-29, the Paris.rb Conference is a community-driven event that encourages Ruby enthusiasts from around the world to come learn what’s new in the Ruby community and exchange new ideas.

  9. Brighton Ruby Conf – For those looking for a day at the British seashore, Ruby experts and enthusiasts will be gathering in Brighton for a one-day event July 6.

  10. OSCON Open Source Conference – Sponsored by O’Reilly Media, the Open Source Conference is for developers, engineers, and business executives who come together to discuss how open source code platforms like Ruby are transforming the way we do business. OSCON is scheduled for in Portland, Ore., on July 16-19.

  11. RailsCamp West – Scheduled August 18-21 in Lake Tahoe, Calif., RailsCamp West is an unstructured Rails conference where attendees organize their own discussions and sessions beforehand. This event is completely unplugged, without internet or cellular service, and combines outdoor activities with networking opportunities for anyone interested in Rails.

  12. Euruko – This annual European conference is open to all Ruby professionals and enthusiasts. This year, Euroku is being held in Vienna on Aug. 24-25.

  13. RubyConf 2018 – For Ruby purists, RubyConf is one of the biggest Ruby conferences. This year, RubyConf will be held in Los Angeles on Nov. 13-15. For those not in America, there are additional RubyConf gatherings being held around the world, including RubyConf India (Feb. 9-10), RubyConf Australia (March 8-9), RubyConf Philippines (March 15-17), and RubyConf Kenya (June 28-30).

If Ruby on Rails is supporting a critical part of your business, or if you are interested in learning more about Ruby and what it can do for you, consider attending any of these Ruby conferences. The only way to stay current with new technology, especially when it’s based on open source code, is to talk to the developers who are writing code and shaping the future of the platform. Brush up on your Ruby expertise and attend a Ruby conference this year.

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