Evolution of Encrypted Credentials in Rails 6.2

Your blog The concept of encrypted secrets evolved and acquired a better shape with each update of the Rails version. Recently, Rails 6.2 has brought in many such updates to the credentials feature. Let us analyze and discuss encrypted credentials further, how to read...
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The Developers Guide To Scaling Rails Apps

From Airbnb to Zendesk, a ton of really great apps were built using the Ruby programming language and the Rails web framework. Albeit a less popular option than other front-end frameworks such as React, Angular, and Vuejs, Rails still holds substantial merit in modern...
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Announcing The New Engine Yard Kontainers

At Engine Yard we are on a continuous journey to provide you with tools to minimize your operational burden, moving you towards friction free NoOps application deployments.  Today we are pleased to share an exciting new capability which was one of the top asks from our...
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