Application Load Balancer

Engine Yard announces support for Application Load Balancing. This new feature gives you the option to choose between a Classic Load Balancer and an Application Load Balancer.

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MySQL Replication Tutorial For Disaster Recovery

This blog post is a step by step tutorial on how to set up MySQL Replication between AWS regions. This is an essential part of our disaster recovery plan at Engine Yard. A previous blog post gives a higher level overview on disaster recovery.

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Disaster Recovery Plan for Rails Apps

This is part of a series on preparing your Rails application for Black Friday. This disaster recovery plan is useful for sites that need to recover quickly when an entire AWS region goes down.

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Dependency Management Guidelines for Rails Teams

I recently encountered a discussion in a developer chatroom about how to find good ruby gems to use for projects, and how to choose between them.

The (currently-defunct, hopefully only temporarily) website was mentioned, as well as, and some conversation ensued about how to properly choose between similar dependencies for a given software requirement and why it's important.

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Understanding Rack Apps and Middleware

Many web developers work on the highest levels of abstraction when we program. And sometimes it’s easy to take things for granted. Especially when we’re using Rails.

Have you ever dug into the internals of how the request/response cycle works in Rails? I recently realized that I knew almost nothing about how Rack apps or middleware works—so I spent a little time finding out. Below are my findings. 

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