Steppin' Out: Go East, Young Rubyists!

We’re coming off a jam packed couple of weeks. After a whirlwind events tour including Ruby Nation, Scottish Ruby Conf, CodeConf and more, we’re taking a quick breather before getting after it again. Thanks so much to everyone who came out and participated at the events in the past few weeks. Each time we see your shining faces in person we’re reminded why this community is so rad.

We’re also really proud of our great team. We love it when they step outside and share their work with the larger developer community.

This week, Wes Beary, Brian Ford, Wayne Seguin, and Dr. Nic Williams will speak at Red Dirt Ruby Conference in Oklahoma City. These guys are reliably awesome speakers, so if you’re planning to attend the conference, make sure to check them out! And if you choke on all the awesome and need to recharge your batteries, stop by the Engine Yard-sponsored gourmet coffee bar during morning break for a concentrated dose of caffeine (and maybe a pastry, too).

In other news, Nick Sieger will be presenting at Emerging Tech Philly on transitioning legacy Java to Rails using–what else?–JRuby! Knock ‘em dead, Nick. Emerging Tech Philly is sponsored in part by one of our partners, application development and consulting firm Chariot Solutions.

Heading to RailsConf 2011? It’s going to be extra kick-ass this year and Engine Yard is going all out, sponsoring both a JRuby Hackfest and Ignite RailsConf! Keep an eye on @engineyard for details.


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