RubyConf Round Up


The City: Los Angeles, California

The Place: The Millenium Biltmore (Reputedly Haunted)

The Reason: Ruby Conf 2018

Another wonderful event was brought together by the folks at RubyCentral and the Ruby Community and, as always, we couldn’t have been happier to be there!

This year Engine Yard was on the scene with our exclusive t-shirts, our winning attitude, and our ears ready to listen on what you need in a platform to deploy your Ruby applications. Our team was there to support your current needs and hear about the things you were looking for when you look to Engine Yard. Here’s some of the things we heard!

  • Modern Database Compatibility - we just announced our updated support of PostgreSQL and we continue to work on MySQL upgrades as well
  • Websockets - we’ve recently released some new cookbooks to help get you all set in any of your Engine Yard environments
  • Containers - we are looking at the first part of 2019 to continue grow our platform to support container technologies.
  • HIPAA/SOC-2 - as many folks already know, Engine Yard runs on AWS, which is HIPAA compliant. Additional security can be examined with our Support team and we haven’t met a compliance issue we can’t tackle!
  • Other Languages - while we are built on and dedicated to Ruby, Engine Yard also allows you to deploy PHP and NodeJS applications. As we move toward containers, that list of languages should continue to grow!

And when we weren’t busy listening, we were singing! We can’t thank RubyTogether enough for partnering with us for #RubyKaraoke! Also, thanks so much to the folks from for making all the arrangements.

With the many choices there are to develop your applications, we know that it’s the amazing community in Ruby, the wonderful core team, and the happiness the language brings to developers that helps you to make the decision to use Ruby. It’s why Engine Yard uses Ruby, and why we love the community we are a part of.






Looking forward to seeing everyone at RailsConf 2019!

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