Ruby and Passenger News

Our team is working hard to ensure that our customers are using the latest and greatest features for their environments and we're happy to make a couple of exciting announcements today. ###Ruby 1.9.2 is now default First, Ruby 1.9.2 is now the default Ruby run-time for new AppCloud environments and Free Trial customers. We [released Ruby 1.9.2 back in May]( and think all our customers' applications will benefit heavily from it. This will not have any impact on existing environments and customers will still be free to choose a different version using the drop down menu. ###Passenger 3 is GA Second, we have just released [Passenger 3]( into GA and it is now our default app stack! Customers currently using Passenger 2 should see a significant boost when updating to Passenger 3. While Passenger 3 is set as the default, customers using Passenger 2 can continue to select it. ###Benefits

  • Performance boost (check out the graph below)
  • Self-Healing via new internal watchdog daemon
  • Fast restarts compared to Passenger 2
  • Asynchronous spawning (no blocking of clients while new instance spawns)
  • Ability to configure minimum number of processes
  • Improved application security
  • Global request queuing as default

###Important! Passenger 3 is not available to environments running Ruby 1.8.6. Customers are encouraged to upgrade their environments to Ruby 1.8.7 or 1.9.2 first. ###JRuby is now in beta Finally, we released JRuby into public beta for all customers a week ago. You can find more details [here]( </div>


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