Resources for Getting Started with Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is now firmly in the mainstream. A steady stream of people have good reasons to want to use Rails but don’t know where to begin. The resource list below is a solid starting point. It includes tutorials, books, blogs, podcasts and many other educational resources that have done wonders for me throughout my Rails learning process. I hope others will find them helpful too.

I personally enjoy interactive and visual experiences. The interactive tutorials (sometimes with a live person) were very useful to me. However, plenty of other people prefer to learn by reading, so I have included great resources for these folks too. I also recommend attending meetups and conferences. Getting involved in the community is a great way to find mentors who can help you out, and participating at events and user groups is a good way to stay on top of the latest news and cool projects.

If I’ve left out any resources you’ve found helpful, I would love to hear about them. Please share them in the comments section and I will update my resource list to include them in the future.

Online Tutorials
Ruby Learning Official Ruby on Rails Guides
Rails Tutorial Why’s (Poignant) Guide [Thanks timinman from HN

Jumpstart Lab Courses [Thanks Jeff from twitter
Udemy Courses on Ruby

Interactive Tutorials
Ruby Koans BitNami [Thanks Daniel from comments
Rails for Zombies [Thanks Gregg from twitter

The Rails Way The Rails 3 Way [Thanks Raj from comments

Ruby Inside
Ruby Reflector
Engine Yard Ruby on Rails Blog

LearnEnough Ruby on Rails Tutorial 
Learnivore [Thanks Thibaut from comments

Teach Me To Code 
PluralSight [Thanks EppO from comments


Ruby Meetup Groups 
IRC Channels: #ruby, #ruby-lang, #rubyonrails, #jruby, #rubinius


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