RailsInstaller 3.4.0 For Windows Released



One of the easiest ways to install Rails on Windows is by using RailsInstaller. It contains everything you need to create a new Rails application. You do not have to install the individual components separately.

The latest RailsInstaller is 3.4.0. Make sure you are using this version as it has fixed a few issues from previous releases.

It includes the following:

Ruby 2.3.3 Rubygems Rails 5.1.3 Sqlite Postgresql Git

When you click the installer, it will ask you where to install it. The default C:\RailsInstaller is a good place.


When it's done, it will open a cmd.exe window and ask you to set up your git credentials. Enter your name and email. Even if you don't intend to use git yet, it's a good idea to configure this for future use.



RailsInstaller also creates C:\Sites where you can put your Rails application. A sample todo application is included. To run the app, type

cd C:\Sites\todo
bundle install
rake db:migrate
rails server

If you want to install the latest rails version, type

gem install rails

To create a new rails application, type

cd C:\Sites\
rails new myapp

This will create the myapp directory on C:\Sites and install all the gems that Rails needs.

To start your application, type

cd myapp
rails server

Now go to http://localhost:3000 and check out your first Rails application!

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Christopher Rigor

Christopher Rigor is a Senior Technical Evangelist at Engine Yard. He’s a long time Rails user, system administrator, and recently became a contributor of RailsInstaller. Previously, he was the DevOps Support Manager for Asia-Pacific at Engine Yard.
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