[Press Release] Engine Yard Publishes Guide to PaaS

Ruby on Rails Experts’ New E-Book Explores How This Technology Is Evolving

PaaS is Dead EBook | EngineYard

Austin, TX—March 9, 2018—Engine Yard, the leading provider of support services for Ruby on Rails applications, today announced it is publishing a guide detailing how PaaS is changing amid today’s application development landscape. The e-book, PaaS Is Dead: The Digital Evolution of a “Dying” Platform, is available for free download at www.engineyard.com/paas-is-dead. 

As with most technologies, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is changing. Its popularity has seemingly waned, and some companies are finding that PaaS may not be the ideal fit for their expanding business applications. However, the infrastructure services offered by PaaS are proving ideal for DevOps, thus providing a deployment platform in which developers and IT engineers can come together to rapidly develop, deploy, and test enterprise applications. Engine Yard’s new e-book explores how PaaS remains a viable option for developers. Among the guide’s features:

  • A look at the definition and the origins of PaaS
  • Pros and cons of PaaS
  • The advantages of PaaS for DevOps 

“Platform-as-a-Service is experiencing a digital transformation,” says Shawn Hermann, General Manager of Engine Yard. “PaaS is far from dead, but it isn’t the same as it used to be. However, there is still a place for PaaS with companies looking to support DevOps in an environment that is fast and fully functional. Our new guide offers a primer on PaaS and how it can reduce some of the heavy lifting of application development processes.” 

To learn more about this e-book or Engine Yard’s outstanding solutions, visit www.engineyard.com.

About Engine Yard
Engine Yard is the leading Ruby on Rails full-stack services company specializing in provisioning, managing, monitoring, and controlling applications on AWS. Engine Yard specializes in deep partnerships with customers to provide mission-critical support and uptime. Engine Yard has thousands of customers across 58 countries and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. For more information, visit www.engineyard.com. 

Platform-as-a-Service is Dead | EngineYard


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