[Press Release] Engine Yard Guide Compares Hiring DevOps and Outsourcing

Ruby on Rails DevOps Experts' New E-Book Explores Pros and Cons of Bringing on Extra Help or Turning to a Trusted Vendor to Build Infrastructure

should-i-hire-devops-coverAustin, TX—September 21, 2017—Engine Yard, the leading provider of support services for Ruby on Rails applications, today announced it is publishing a guide to help companies decide if they should hire more developers or tap a vendor to further their Ruby on Rails infrastructure goals. The e-book, Should I Hire DevOps or Outsource to a Provider?, is available for free download at http://www.engineyard.com/should-i-hire-devops.

Rails is praised as the easiest way to get Ruby on the web. Though other options have emerged, Rails remains the de facto framework for Ruby developers, and for small teams using 10-20 servers, the Ruby on Rails framework makes complete sense. But even with the right technical knowledge, a Ruby on Rails application requires resources—funds, people, and time—that startup teams generally do not have. Engine Yard's new guide explores whether teams are better served hiring additional talent or outsourcing their Ruby on Rails production needs. Among the guide's features:

  • A quick overview on building a Ruby on Rails infrastructure from scratch
  • The benefits and risks of three options: adding DevOps, assigning functions to existing staff, and partnering with a qualified vendor
  • A cost analysis of each option

"When building a Ruby on Rails infrastructure from scratch and scaling it up over time, it's important to make smart business decisions that benefit your entire organization," says Andy Tryba, CEO of Engine Yard. "Sometimes hiring additional staff simply is not sustainable, and partnering with a third-party expert can result in a cheaper, faster, more scalable operation. Our new e-book looks at the question from all angles so that organizations can determine which path works best for them."

To learn more about this e-book or Engine Yard's outstanding solutions, visit www.engineyard.com.

About Engine Yard

Engine Yard is the leading Ruby on Rails full-stack services company specializing in provisioning, managing, monitoring and controlling applications on AWS. Engine Yard specializes in deep partnerships with customers to provide mission-critical support and uptime. Engine Yard has thousands of customers across 58 countries and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. For more information, visit www.engineyard.com.

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