Our Docs Have Moved!


We are excited to announce that you can now access all of our documentation and your tickets together in one place, right inside our helpdesk!

This integration provides the following benefits:

  • Get help in one place! You can now search our documentation or file a ticket through a unified helpdesk
  • When you open a ticket, the system will suggest articles that may be helpful to you. In some cases, this will provide instant answers to your questions
  • Enables you to comment on our documentation to help us to improve it in real time

If you’re not currently a customer, don’t worry, our documentation is still available to all visitors through our helpdesk.

In addition to integrating our documentation with our ticketing system, keep your eyes open for new community forums we plan to introduce in the near future. With our upcoming forums, we hope to foster and participate in a community dialogue that enables Engine Yard customers to share their experiences with other users and get the help and advice they need even more effectively.

With our forums, documentation, and ticketing system all fully integrated, we are working to ensure you have the best possible experience with Engine Yard. We welcome your feedback and look forward to continuing to serve you better.

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