We are delighted to announce the immediate availability of shared storage for basic and elastic applications deployed on Orchestra PHP Cloud.

With shared storage, provided by our new storage add-on, you can write files out from your application, and read them again from any one of your app servers.

Maintaining state in a stateless, distributed environment is tricky. And just like an external database can be used to persist data to, a centralised storage system can be useful to persist files to. And a storage system you can mount locally is even more useful.

Storage can be allocated to any of your running apps:

To attach storage to an app, simply head to the Add-ons section, and enable the storage add-on. Navigate to Manage Addon, and click Create Storage. After you’ve chosen which type of storage to use, head back to the Manage Addon screen, and attach your storage to an app. Your app servers will then be able to access your storage from a local mount point.

Read more about shared storage for your apps in our docs.


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