Next Weekend: Rails Girls in SF!


Rails Girls is an incredible opportunity for women to not only build web applications, but ideas as well. Originally founded in Finland, Rails Girls covers sketching, prototyping and basic programming in Rails. To put it simply, the program is a web development workshop for women. And yet it goes far beyond its initial premise: it connects women and inspires a passion for technology with a built-in community. Since its creation, the organization has grown to over 15 countries, from Germany to Uganda.

We’re very excited to host the second ever Rails Girls event in San Francisco right here at Engine Yard’s headquarters. The two-day event will kick off on January 25th, and will feature coaches from Engine Yard, Github, Heroku and Snapguide. We’ll also be covering snacks, beverages and lots of other goodies. Want to meet the creator of the now-famous Riker Ipsum, or hang out with the Bundler guy? They’ll both be there, among many other incredibly inspiring tech-lovers.

To learn more and to register, go here.



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