Welcome to a New AMI!

Engine Yard is happy to announce that we are making an updated Engine Yard AMI the default when booting instances in newly created environments.

A few months ago, we released the ability for customers to leverage a new AMI. Since then, we've been using it in our production systems and it has been the default for new customers' environments, as well as being available to existing customers behind a feature flag.

We feel that enough time and testing has now occurred that this AMI is ready to be the default for all new environments. Customers booting up instances in newly created environments will now all enjoy the improvements of the more sleek and modern AMI.


Your Engine Yard Team

Upgrades with the New Engine Yard

  • New kernel - 2.6.32
  • Allows several different instance types
  • Improved filesystem stability
  • ext3 reliability upgrades
  • Improved boot time (~1-2 minutes on average)

What does this mean for you? New environments for all customers will default to the latest AMI.


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