Monitoring & Alerting for your app, Improved!


When you build, run, and scale an application, being able to monitor it and alert accordingly is a core need. At Engine Yard, side by side with our leading Platform offering, we do also include monitoring & alerting as well, with a Support Team backing it all up.

What do we watch for you

Our Platform monitors a series of indicators on each running instance, like CPU, memory, swap, and disk usage. Additionally, our Backend monitors events from AWS’s CloudWatch, including system level issues and CPU credits on t2 instances. When it comes to database instances, all of the above is included plus the monitoring of db specifics such as replication state, connectivity, connection limits, and the presence of long idle transactions. For HTTP monitoring, upon configuring a URL our backend will ping it every 2 minutes. That URL can be as simple as the app’s main page or as complex as you need it to be, enabling in one shot to check multiple things within your app.

All this monitoring generates alerts that can be seen on EY dashboard by accessing the environment serving the app. If you also enable email alerts, our backend will send them to the specified address (best is to use a group email alias for maximum visibility).


We’ve added support for running containerized apps in our latest version of the stack, Stable-v5. Our team is hard at work on monitoring components that will allow for monitoring of the application and components within the container. Stay tuned…

Extending the watch…

The implementation of monitoring on the EY’s platform uses ‘Collectd’ and can be easily customized with the use of Chef recipes. We also offer integration with third party SaaS providers through our addons offering. Integrating with the likes of NewRelic, LogEntries, PaperTrail, and Rollbar allows you to increment the depth of both monitoring and alerting well into your app’s behaviour.


EngineYard is widely known for its 24×7, follow the sun, World-Class Support. While customers can always reach out when an issue surfaces, environments under Premium support get their alerts piped to our virtual Network Operations Center, where there is always a human Engineer ready to proactively work on the issue.

Not (yet) running on EngineYard?

Not to worry! We have intelligent URL monitoring, coupled with our Support as a Service offerings, where through a crafted URL the vNOC gets alerted of issues with your app, and from there our Support Team takes over. Integration with CloudWatch is available too, and with NewRelic being investigated.

Wrap Up

Running applications on the Cloud brings great benefits, and great challenges too. When partnering with Engine Yard on building, running, and scaling an app, you can rest assured that the best team in the business watches over and is ready to engage. Reach out to our Customer Success Team to find out more.

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