Migrating from Engine Yard Cloud to Engine Yard Kontainers


A Value Proposition Business Leaders Cannot Ignore

As a customer of Engine Yard Cloud (EYC), you already reap the benefits of the best-in-class Platform as a Service (PaaS) for Ruby, Node, and PHP application hosting. Your applications run on a robust, fully-managed infrastructure and you receive world-class support. Your infrastructure is secure, and patches are kept up-to-date for you.  You don’t have the overhead of managing the full stack, including databases and load balancers. All of this is taken care of for you, including backups which happen automatically. Leveraging the EYC platform saves you time and lets you focus on your product and your business.

We are now proud to announce Engine Yard Kontainers (EYK), the next-generation platform which goes above and beyond to provide even more benefit to your business. 

So why should you migrate? In this post, we cover the benefits and savings realized by upgrading to EYK. The scalability, flexibility, and reduction in operational overhead are game-changers that you don’t want to miss. Further, we have playbooks and support staff ready to make the transition simple.

EYK Supports Multiple Stacks

As the name suggests, containers are what power the Engine Yard Kontainers platform. You can learn more about container platforms and how they compare to virtual machines in this article

A key benefit of the container platform is that your application becomes a fully self-contained runtime environment. You can decouple any dependencies you have on the host OS, local packages, compilers, bundlers, etc. As a result, your application becomes independent of the underlying infrastructure. EYK won’t ask you to upgrade anything based on underlying platform updates. You control your own environment while benefiting from the managed infrastructure stack that runs your application.

Real-Time Auto Scaling

Most applications tend to have fluctuating demands. These fluctuations can be based on the time of the day, week, or even seasonal. Autoscaling addresses these fluctuations in demand by ensuring containers are available within seconds to cater to this demand.

In EYC, this is accomplished by pre-provisioning a set of instances. However, this is not the ideal way to solve this problem because you can’t always predict changes in demand. If the demand falls short, you waste money on excess resources. If the demand is higher than anticipated, you risk leading your traffic to a bad customer experience.

EYK solves this problem in a more advanced way because it’s built on containers. Containers are extremely easy to spin up and down, milliseconds as opposed to minutes. This agility makes them an ideal solution for handling real-time fluctuating demand. Essentially, EYK  provides for one of the core value propositions of the cloud: you only pay for what you use.

Learn more about EYK’s auto-scaling and see how Comestri, one of EYK’s early adopters, took advantage of this feature to reduce cost and simultaneously grow their business with increasing demand. 

Introduce New Services

As a business leader, you constantly think about how to introduce new services and product features for your customers. You are constantly thinking about how you can deliver more value to your customers. With EYK, it’s much easier to do just that. Because EYK is a containerized platform, you can introduce new services that run seamlessly with existing applications.  The introduction of new services won’t break the infrastructure of your existing applications. With a simple update to your configuration file (e.g. a Procfile), EYK allows you to seamlessly instantiate new containers to run any number of different types of services for your applications. 

Because containers in a cluster run within the same Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), communicating through API’s between containers is easy. EYK is the perfect choice for service-based architectures. You can run services in a stateless and isolated manner and communicate between them using API’s, two of the key attributes of microservices or Service Oriented Architecture. Container-based platforms enable both of these attributes rather seamlessly and therefore they are an ideal platform to build new microservices that enhance the value of your application.  

From DevOps to NoOps

With EYK, our goal is to realize the true vision of NoOps. Your engineers spend less time on DevOps scripting and more time improving the product. 

Talent Magnet

You are constantly striving to attract the top talent into your organization. We believe EYK as a platform will be a talent draw for your organization. 

With every single discussion we have had with our customers, a theme that has constantly emerged is the excitement among the developers’ community. The reason for this is simple.

Containers are among the latest and most cutting edge cloud technologies.

There is still a dearth of talent and expertise in this space. Therefore, when EYK is presented as a platform to build applications, developers see this as a low-risk, high-reward experience. The exposure to these powerful technologies is great for your staff’s professional growth 


In conclusion, EYK brings numerous benefits to your business. Save time and resources by moving to a NoOps paradigm. Leverage the fully-managed service experience, where you continue to receive support from EYK as if we are an extension of your team. If you are interested in migrating from your existing EYC deployment to EYK, please connect with our support team and we will get back to you with a customized, simple plan so you can realize these benefits.



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