Low-Cost T2 AWS Instances Now Available


In a continued effort to bring you a variety of infrastructure options, Engine Yard is happy to announce the addition of the T2 AWS Instances to its platform. T2’s were built with development environments (including build servers) or low traffic web sites and are best suited for modest demands on CPU, with occasional spikes as your customer’s behavior changes.

This is accomplished with a minimum baseline performance of each instance that can expand with accumulated credits. From the internal Engine Yard benchmark tests, the T2’s outperform the M1 Small instances by nearly 7 times, at a fraction of the cost.

As Jeff Barr from Amazon eloquently states:

The T2 instances are built around a processing allocation model that provides you a generous, assured baseline amount of processing power coupled with the ability to automatically and transparently scale up to a full core when you need more compute power. Your ability to burst is based on the concept of “CPU Credits” that you accumulate during quiet periods and spend when things get busy. You can provision an instance of modest size and cost and still have more than adequate compute power in reserve to handle peak demands for compute power.

As always, Engine Yard T2 instances are priced at a 25% discount from Amazon On-Demand, and Platform & Support starts at $0.04/hour. Please contact Engine Yard today to learn more about how these instances can help your business grow.

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