JRubyConf Announcements!

JRubyConf speakers JRubyConf was announced a short while ago, and since then, excitement’s been building! Tickets disappeared within a few short hours, and potential speakers and sponsors poured in. It’s been a few weeks since then, and we’ve got some announcements!

First, and foremost, the schedule! The full roster is now available on JRubyConf.com, and includes all members of the JRuby core team, along with community luminaries like Logan Barnett, Anthony Eden, John Woodell and Joe O’Brien. It also includes a great lineup of JRuby business-power-users, like Chad Wathington of Thoughtworks and Justin Gehtland of Relevance (along with more to be added soon!) For those of you not on the roster, but working on interesting JRuby projects, there’s also a Lightning Talks slot.

Next: JRubyConf is a free event, designed to help promote and support the JRuby project and its users. As such, let’s take a moment for a shout out to the JRubyConf 2009 Sponsors, who help make it all possible: EdgeCase LLC, Thoughtworks Studios, Gilt Group, Relevance and LinkedIn. If you or your company are interested in contributing, be sure to send us an email—we’d love to work with you!

Last, but certainly not least exciting: with the addition of our new sponsors, and some magic logistical mojo at the Embassy Suites, we’ve managed to move the event to a larger space, doubling the attendee headcount. Last week, we emailed all those of you on the waiting list to offer priority registration. With that done, we’ve re-opened registration to fill the remaining slots. If you’d like to join us but missed your chance the first time around, be sure to move quickly! There are only a small number of tickets left.

JRuby is progressing quickly, and the community is growing; JRubyConf will be a great opportunity to meet the movers and shakers, and be sure you’re on the cutting edge. If you’re not already in, be sure to pick up your ticket ASAP—see you there!


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