It's Almost Time For Ruby Conf 2018!

It’s autumn and November is right around the corner! We all know what this means…





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There is so much to look forward to this year as we all head to Los Angeles to take in the sun, the speakers, and the community we love! Over 800 Rubyists are expected to hit the City of Angels to learn and work together on projects - and Engine Yard will be there too!


We’ll be taking our team to join Rubyists from around the world. We’re looking forward to the keynote from Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto, creator of Ruby and community leader throughout the years! And while Matz’s keynote is always a pleasure, we’re also excited to see Saron Yitzbarek, developer and founder of CodeNewbie, from GitHub’s Social Impact team, Bianca Escalante, and Jessie Shternshus, owner of the Improv Effect. These are just the keynotes - there are so many exciting speakers!







This year’s Ruby Conf promises to be amazing in every way and we look forward to seeing you there!


You’ll find us at the Engine Yard booth with plenty of goodies for all our friends in the Ruby Community. We’re here to talk about the latest Ruby features, deploying your application, or anything tech related. Come chat with us!


And after hours, Wednesday Night, we plan to join forces with Ruby Together at Shrine Karaoke to bring the noise! What would any Ruby Conference be without #rubykaraoke, right? Sign up here!







See you next week!

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