High Performance C4 Instances Now Available

Conducting machine learning or statistical analysis on large data sets? Running an MMO? Operating your own ad server? AWS C4 instances are ideal for this sort of high intensity computing requirements, and are now available on Engine Yard.

The new C4 instances are based on custom 2.9 GHz Intel® Xeon® E5-2666 v3 (Haswell) processors, optimized specifically for AWS.

All of the following flavors of C4’s are currently available:

C4 Instance Name vCPU Count RAM Network Performance
c4.large 2 3.75 GiB Moderate
c4.xlarge 4 7.5 GiB Moderate
c4.2xlarge 8 15 GiB High
c4.4xlarge 16 30 GiB High
c4.8xlarge 36 60 GiB 10 Gbps

As always, Engine Yard C4 instances are priced at a 25% discount from Amazon On-Demand, and Platform & Support starts at $0.087/hour. Please contact Engine Yard today to learn more about how these instances can help your business grow.

*These instance are behind a feature flag. If you require access to them please file a ticke with support from your dashboard or at support.cloud.engineyard.com.


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