Hear Bleacher Report CTO talk about Building a Fast, Scalable and Reliable


Join us for a presentation from Sam Parnell, CTO of Bleacher Report: Making Bleacher Report Fast and Reliable: Building Scalable Apps to Support Big Spikes in Traffic

Sam will discuss how Bleacher Report — the third-most-visited sports news destination online — uses Engine Yard, New Relic and Blitz to develop, manage, monitor and tune its apps, in order to ensure superior performance for 40+ million sports fans and for tenfold traffic increases during hot sports news.

Since its founding in 2006, Bleacher Report has built a loyal audience of over 40 million unique monthly visitors. Bleacher Report helps sports fans follow the teams and topics they care about. That brand appeal — along with an innovative publishing model that pools the creative talents of passionate writers and a professional editorial team — has made the network one of the Web’s largest and fast-growing media properties. Since its launch, Bleacher Report has surpassed stalwarts such as FoxSports.com and SI.com to become the third-most-visited sports news destination online.

Some form of enticing edible will be provided, along with adult beverages.

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We’re also celebrating the launch of the Engine Yard meetup group. click here to join. If you’ve ever been curious about Engine Yard, now’s the time to find out more.

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