Getting Setup for Ruby on Rails Development

The Resources for Getting Started With Ruby on Rails seemed to be useful for a lot of people. However, it was a post geared for people who had already setup their computers for development work. So I created a tutorial for those of you who haven’t yet set up your computers for Ruby on Rails development. Just go to the Engine Yard Documentation Area, in the tutorials section. There you’ll find instructions for setting up your computer, basic git commands, and a step-by-step tutorial on creating an application with Rails 3 and Bundler. Each section is designed to be useful by itself, so if you just want to learn more about Bundler or Rails 3 you can.

If you have any feedback on how to improve the tutorials let me know in the comments section.

Also, if you want to take a hands-on training course on how to develop a Rails application, you might want to attend the Zero to Rails 3 class which is happening (online) December 20-23.

Check out this Spanish translation of the Getting Set Up for Ruby on Rails Development tutorial documentation, courtesy of Mario Alberto Chávez Cárdenas of Decisiones Inteligentes and Tiajuana.rb. Many thanks Mario!


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