Gamification Is So Hot Right Now

Gamification is not necessarily a new concept; games—and the elements of game play—have been a part of society for ages. So why is there now such hype surrounding the idea of gamification? (And why was it necessary to come up with a long, awkward word for playing games?)

The answer, in two words: The Internets. Our world is now hyper-connected. We are online literally all the time, and we want to be entertained, involved, competing—all the time. Gamification is more than just playing games; it’s the way we live our lives.

Our latest infographic, Gamification is Winning, tackles this very idea. Check it out to find out how, exactly, gamification is working its way into everyday living, and why experts predict that it’s not fading away anytime soon.


Click on Mugatu to go to the full infographic.

One other thought: Developers are perhaps among the most important contributors to this era characterized by games being the “new normal.” Working game design elements into applications is essential to driving user engagement and ultimately driving business forward. If you’ve done anything cool to gamify your app, tell us about it in the comments; we’d love to hear from you!


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