Ezra Zygmuntowicz: In Memoriam

Update: please donate to the Ezra Zygmuntowicz Memorial Fund for his son Ryland. </div> </div>

Nearly ten years ago, three great developers with a need to deploy Rails quickly and easily got together and created a company called Engine Yard. It was with heavy hearts that we received news of the death of one of these founders, [Ezra Zygmuntowicz](https://twitter.com/ezmobius). Ezra, along with [Tom Mornini](https://twitter.com/tmornini) and [Lance Walley](https://twitter.com/lancewalley), founded Engine Yard in 2006. Additionally, he created Merb, a framework that competed with Rails until being merged with it. In 2010, Ezra left Engine Yard to pursue new start-up opportunities, while continuing to help the Ruby community with his many talks and contributions. Ezra's brother Eli had this to say on a thread sharing memories of Ezra: > Thank you all for you kind comments. I know he valued his programming and tech community immensely. He will be sorely missed by his family, friends and son. Ezra’s good friend, and Engine Yard co-founder, Tom Mornini said: > It's an incredibly sad day: a great hacker, founder, and community member has been lost forever. > > Goodbye Ezra, I'll miss you. As most of us will remember Ezra through his community work, here he is speaking at RailsConf 2012:
Service and burial: 1:30pm, Wednesday, December 3rd River View Cemetery
Adams Chapel
0300 SW Taylors Ferry Rd
Portland, OR
97219 Tel.: 503-246-4251

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