Engine Yard Becomes Founding Corporate Sponsor of Ruby Together


All of the infrastructure used by Ruby developers today, including Bundler, RubyGems, and RubyGems.org has been maintained and developed for many years entirely by volunteers. While it’s good that no one company controls resources shared by the community, it’s terrible that the only people who work on our shared infrastructure are doing so for free, in their spare time.


Ruby Together was founded so the community can cooperate to solve that problem. It will fund on-call rotations, maintenance work, and improvements to the shared, public infrastructure used by the entire Ruby community.

We also provide benefits just for members, starting with opportunities to connect and exchange knowledge. Over time, we plan to turn RubyBench.org into a fully-fledged community performance benchmarking resource, as well as track and report on important deprecations and security issues for members.

Engine Yard, the original Ruby platform as a service, is a founding corporate member of Ruby Together. As a sponsor of Bundler even before Ruby Together existed, as well as a previous sponsor of Rails, Rubinius, and JRuby, Engine Yard has a long history of support for both open source work and public Ruby infrastructure.

Now, Engine Yard supports Bundler, RubyGems.org, and other Ruby infrastructure as a member of Ruby Together. Become a member alongside Engine Yard, improving things for everyone who uses Ruby. The community that has grown up around Ruby is amazing, and provides many fantastic (and fantastically useful) tools that any developer can use. Let’s work together to make sure those tools (and the community) are the best that they can be, for everyone.

If you or your company has benefited from the free and open-source tools available in Ruby, support those tools by becoming a member of Ruby Together. Membership dues directly fund work that benefits everyone using Ruby, and are usually tax-deductible. Both individual and corporate memberships are available. Join us today!

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