EngineYard Wins Best SME Website (Large) at the Web Awards!

Left to right: Stephanie Francis, Ben Chapman, Brendan Hastings, and Chris Murphy at the Web Awards Oct. 22nd 2014. Photo credit: Ben Keenan.

The Engine Yard website went through a thorough redesign and update earlier in 2014. Many weeks of analysis, planning, and execution went into it. It was a monumental effort to make sure that our website was maximally useful, both for us, and for our visitors. An effort that required dedication and hard work from a large cross-functional team.

And that hard work has paid off!

While it was, of course, an honour to be nominated, it was an even greater honour to have won the award for Best SME Website (Large) at the Web Awards in Dublin, Ireland this past Wednesday. Two of the people directly involved in the redesign, Stephanie Francis and Brendan Hastings, were on hand with fellow Engine Yard employees Ben Chapman and Chris Murphy to accept the award and spend time with the other nominees and award winners. Unfortunately, Valerie Hilligan and Gerlando Piro who were also instrumental in the redesign were unable to attend the event.

Brendan Hastings remarked, “Our goal was to make a modern site reflective of the forward thinking at Engine Yard. We are all very proud to have the work recognized.”

On behalf of the whole team, thanks to everyone at the Web Awards and thank you to everyone who helped make this happen!

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