[Press Release] Engine Yard Publishes Guide to Hiring DevOps


Ruby on Rails Experts' New E-Book Details 5-Step Process for Finding the Best Talent


AUSTIN, Texas—Jan. 4, 2018—Engine Yard, the leading provider of support services for Ruby on Rails applications, today announced it is publishing a guide to help established Ruby developers and teams find and hire top DevOps talent. The e-book, The Complete Guide to Hiring a Ruby DevOps, is available for free download at https://www.engineyard.com/guide-to-hiring-a-ruby-devops.

 Ruby on Rails is an obvious choice for small teams with 10-20 servers. The framework is startup-friendly, is flexible, and contains ready-made plug-ins and modules that enable developers to build apps without boilerplate code. However, many small teams using Ruby on Rails do not possess the resources to build the proper infrastructure, or the bandwidth to perform patch updates or maintain an environment in a healthy state. Finding talent to fill these roles is a challenge, even for businesses that are in a position to add DevOps. Engine Yard's new guide offers a process for successfully filling urgent DevOps needs.

The e-book outlines this process in five steps:

  1. Identifying ideal candidates
  2. Creating a job description
  3. Posting the job description
  4. Screening resumes and interviewing candidates
  5. Checking references and backgrounds

"From creating job postings to screening candidates, adding new DevOps people is more than simply interviewing and hiring the first seemingly qualified developer," says Andy Tryba, CEO of Engine Yard. "There is a major talent shortage in the Ruby on Rails world. It's not that there aren't capable candidates out there—you just need to know how and where to find them. Our new guide provides a blueprint for identifying quality DevOps candidates, listing jobs, and conducting interviews."

To learn more about this e-book or Engine Yard's outstanding solutions, visit www.engineyard.com

About Engine Yard

Engine Yard is the leading Ruby on Rails full-stack services company specializing in provisioning, managing, monitoring and controlling applications on AWS. Engine Yard specializes in deep partnerships with customers to provide mission-critical support and uptime. Engine Yard has thousands of customers across 58 countries and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. For more information, visit www.engineyard.com.


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