Engine Yard Joins the Apache CloudStack Project


Today, Citrix announced that its popular CloudStack open source software will become the first cloud infrastructure solution in the industry to join the Apache Software Foundation, home to some of the world's most successful open source projects. Elevating CloudStack to a full open source Apache project will further accelerate the CloudStack mission of delivering a powerful, proven, hypervisor-agnostic layer for connecting to varying cloud infrastructures. Engine Yard will participate in the Apache CloudStack project by running our Platform as a Service (PaaS) on CloudStack and contributing expertise and code.

By joining the CloudStack project, Engine Yard is expanding the infrastructure options available to our customers. CloudStack will be added to the existing IaaS options that are available with the Engine Yard PaaS -- Amazon Web Services and Terremark. Engine Yard will continue to invest in a variety of cloud infrastructures, and customers will be able to choose the IaaS that's best for them, while benefiting from running their apps on the market-leading PaaS from Engine Yard. As always, we will deliver a commercial grade PaaS solution built on open technology and world-class support provided by our dedicated team of experts who have deployed thousands of production applications.

At Engine Yard, we have always been strong advocates of open source technology, as demonstrated by our deep commitment and support of projects in the Ruby on Rails and PHP communities. We are such strong believers in open source that we built the Engine Yard stack using open source components that we orchestrate and harden to provide the best platform.

CloudStack provides developers open access to a high-powered package of hypervisor-agnostic tools and APIs that enable them to more easily connect to and manage cloud infrastructure. By being part of this ecosystem, we are giving Engine Yard customers increased choice and flexibility in their use of the cloud. We believe the CloudStack project will benefit developers, enterprises, and any other companies looking to take advantage of the acceleration and innovation that cloud computing enables.

Our participation in today's announcement with Citrix reflects our belief that the cloud should be open. We look forward to contributing to the CloudStack project because we believe the combination of our deep expertise in PaaS and the CloudStack repertoire of infrastructure and virtualization will continue to drive innovation in open cloud computing.

Bill Platt


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