Engine Yard Joins Forces With OpDemand

Engine Yard has always been dedicated to providing the best possible platform for your production applications. With thousands of deployed applications and happy customers supported by our platform, our success speaks for itself.

The leading edge of technology is not static for long, though. To support our customer’s rising adoption of container based solutions, we are pleased to announce that Engine Yard is joining forces with OpDemand, the creator of Deis.

Deis is the leading Docker-native open source platform in use by over 200,000 developers around the world. Join them: download Deis today!

Here’s how the Deis and Engine Yard Platforms fit together to support both Docker container apps in Deis and Ruby on Rails, PHP, and other apps on our curated stacks and services.


With the Deis platform, you can use build packs to run Ruby, Python, Node.js, Java, Clojure, Scala, Play, PHP, Perl, Dart, and Go—as well as any application described in a Dockerfile or Docker Image. Choose the programming language and the tool chain that best suit your needs.

Deis also allows your team to:

  • Decrease spend by sharing server resources
  • Use simple developer-oriented workflows
  • Spin up application containers in seconds
  • Deploy to public, private, and bare metal clouds
  • Bring your application to market quickly and successfully

Engine Yard is dedicated to supporting this critical open source project and we welcome contributions and input from everyone. All of the OpDemand employees will join the Engine Yard team and continue contributing to the open source project.

Engine Yard will continue to run an open roadmap process for Deis and we are committing to contribute major advances to the project in the areas of scheduling, orchestration, and application monitoring.

Our merged teams will bring hard won expertise supporting thousands of applications in production. This means that customers who deploy Docker containers on Deis will be able to immediately access expert support.

Our support plans scale with your needs, from cost-conscious minimal support to robust 24x7x365 proactive support with access to dedicated engineers when needed. With a track record of sustained customer satisfaction levels above 98%, we look forward to helping you scale your applications and business.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • A steady stream of innovations in the orchestration of applications from Engine Yard for both container based and Server based applications
  • Rock solid support that backs developers up with superb operational expertise
  • Professional services to help developers scope and build innovative applications that address new markets in record time
  • A company that will do whatever it takes to make customers successful

We’ve got your app. Get started today!


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