Engine Yard, Coming to Visit *Your* Continent!

July is a busy month for Engine Yard, but then, it seems every month is busy these days! The beta of the next release of the Engine Yard Cloud has been going swimmingly, and we’re psyched to hit the road and talk about it. We’ll be talking about other things too, of course, but that’s pretty standard as well. Rest assured though: while our speakers are up on stage waxing on about their various favorite technologies, in the back of their minds, they’re working hard to not break down and proselytize the awesomeness that is Engine Yard Cloud. Sort of ;)

So where will we be, you ask?

RubyKaigi // Toyko, Japan

RubyKaigi is the biggest annual conference in Japan, which as we all know, is where Matz hails from. There are talks in both English and Japanese, all of which are translated for the folks in the audience who aren’t native speakers. It’s a large impressive gathering attended by Matz and many of the core Ruby creators.

This is the second year that Engine Yard will be participating in RubyKaigi. Yehuda Katz will be speaking about how the Rails Core Team is working to make Rails 3 a Better Ruby Citizen. We’ll also have one or two other Engine Yard folks attending, so keep an eye out!

OSCON // San Jose, California

I’m guessing that OSCON doesn’t need much of an introduction, but just the same, it’s a 3000+ person conference dedicated to all things Open Source. OSCON is in its eleventh year, and this is our second participation. Brian Ford will be there, speaking about Rubinius, as well as Yehuda talking about the general changes that folks can expect to see in Rails 3.

This year Engine Yard will also be participating as an exhibitor, which means there’ll be a bunch more of us camped out in the Expo Hall. We’ll be at booth 418, so be sure to stop by! There will be live demos of Engine Yard Cloud, and as usual, scintillating company, if I do say so myself…

RailsUnderground // London, England

RailsUnderground is in its inaugural year, and organizer Mark Coleman seems to be doing a top notch job. London’s a great city, so if you can make it out, we highly recommend it. Engine Yard is participating as a Gold sponsor, and as always, is proud and pleased to support the various Ruby and Rails communities around the world.

We hope to catch you at one of the events listed above, or at another, in the months to come. As always, we’ve got an open door policy here at HQ, so shoot us a note or tweet if you’re in town – we’d love to have you stop by!


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