Engine Yard and Orchestra Join Forces


I’m excited to announce that Engine Yard has acquired Orchestra to add PHP support to the Engine Yard Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Over the past five years, Engine Yard has built the leading PaaS for Ruby on Rails applications. Today, we provide services that power businesses ranging from fast-growing Web 2.0 start-ups and hyper-growth companies like Groupon to Fortune 500 enterprises. We have thousands of customers in over 40 countries, who consume more than 140 million CPU hours each year. We would like to thank our customers for choosing the Engine Yard platform and for relying on us to help them build great applications.

We’re thrilled with the success we’ve had bringing Ruby on Rails to the cloud. Now, we plan to extend our offering to the great community of PHP developers. We believe it’s essential to deliver deep competence for any language we support in our PaaS. We acquired Orchestra to add this necessary PHP expertise, community engagement, and know-how to Engine Yard and our PaaS. By joining forces with Orchestra, we will provide the best Platform as a Service for PHP.

Ruby on Rails is the core of our business today, and it’s growing rapidly. We’ve built a solid platform through meticulous stack curation, years of experience, customer interaction and an extensive ecosystem. Our customer services team delivers expert technical support, professional services, and training to our worldwide customer base. We will continue to invest in the Ruby on Rails community and our Ruby on Rails stack while extending the benefits of our PaaS experience to the PHP developer community.

To learn more about Engine Yard PaaS and our support of PHP and Ruby on Rails, you can watch the video or read our FAQ. Engine Yard customers can also contact their sales rep for more information by calling 866-518-YARD.

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