Docker Cookbooks on Engine Yard V5

As described in our V5 announcement post, Engine Yard now supports Docker.

When designing support for Docker in our custom Chef cookbooks, we decided to build on what the Chef community has already built.

The Docker cookbook in the Chef Supermarket provides custom resources to define how your instances will run, download, or build Docker containers. This makes it straightforward to deploy Docker containers into your utility instances.

To see how straightforward it is to deploy Docker on Engine Yard, check out our collection of sample Docker recipes.

As part of our work on this, Engine Yard also gave back to the the community. We created a new custom resource to install the latest binaries from the official Docker tarball packages. This allows you to utilize the latest versions of Docker without waiting on Engine Yard’s hardened Gentoo portage tree.

To install a new version of Docker, just add this to your Chef recipe:

docker_installation_tarball "default" do
  source ""
  checksum "3dd07f65ea4a7b4c8829f311ab0213bca9ac551b5b24706f3e79a97e22097f8b"
  version "1.12.0"

For more info, check out our pull request for this feature.


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