Distill Videos: Lightning Talks and Prompt Panel


We’ve let you see all the keynotes, the first half and the second half of day one, and the first half and second half of Day Two.

This post will focus on those things a little outside the regularly scheduled program. On Day one, we were able to coordinate having each of our Prompt speakers come and give a little story of their own experiences as well as discussing some of the general issues facing the idea of Mental Health in the Tech Industry. We were so glad John Dalton, Paddy Foran, Ed Finkler, and Greg Baugues were all able to join us.

On Day Two we tried to lighten the mood with a few Lightning Talks. The subjects were varied and all exciting in their individual way.

With this post, we have delivered all the video content from Distill 2014. For those of you watching after attending, we hope you enjoy these talks again. For those seeing them for the first time, we hope you enjoy the content!

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