Distill Videos: Day 2 - The First Half


After an amazing Day One capped off by a party at NWBLK, everyone rested up nad returned to the Palace of Fine Arts in preparation for Distill 2014: Day Two.

Danae Ringlemann got us started with a rousing keynote and set the tone for each of the morning’s speakers!

On the main stage, we saw the return of the robots with Robin Mehner (who also bravely assisted when Ron Evans took the stage on Day One).

Over at Gigabit Glacier, Davey was the gracious host to Carina C. Zona. Carina’s talk focused on applying our tech skills to making a better tech community.

At the same time, Richard hosted Blake Mizerany who focused on consensus services in your server architecture.

After a brief morning break featuring some baked goods and plenty of sunshine, it was right back into talks, starting with the always excitable Nick Sutterer in Coder’s Cove discussing the power of refactoring.

Meanwhile, at Gigabit Glacier, Christina Truong helped people to find their niche.

At the same time, Sau Sheong Chang discussed AI’s and how they can model populations along the lines of scarcity, consumption, and reproduction.

With those talks coming to a close, everyone headed to a buffet styled lunch and made new friends before heading to the next bunch of talks - which we’ll have here in our next Distill 2014 post!!

If you missed our keynotes post, the Day One First Half, or Day One Second Half please take the opportunity now!!

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