Distill Videos: Day 2 - The Closing Half


An amazing Day One, an amazing Day Two morning…it was time to bring it home. The talks in the afternoon of Day Two of Distill were no less amazing than any previous.

The main stage played host to Blithe Rocher, who let us call her Doctor Intern and touched on the concepts of applying the Scientific Method to troubleshooting.

Meanwhile, at Gigabit Glacier, Des Traynor shared his expertise in product strategies as they applied to the startup world.

At the same time over in Coder’s Cove, Jessica Kerr dropped knowledge bombs relating to property-based testing.

A quick break let folks change rooms if they felt the need, then is was right back into the onslaught of brilliance our speakers continued to deliver. In Coder’s Cove, Richard hosted Jen Myers who shared her ideas on what it takes to be a good mentor.

Over in Gigabit Glacier, Mina Markham came to share her thoughts on design concepts to keep all things sweet AND sassy.

At the same time, on the main stage, Eric Shepherd put down his karaoke microphone to pick up his speaker one and tell us all about various gadgets for Web Detection.

All attendees then took the opportunity to grab some awesome doughnuts from Dynamo Donuts before settling in for the Lightning Talks (video still to come) and Ben Huh’s Closing keynote.

If you’ve missed any of the videos we’ve released thus far, check out the Distill 2014 video page.

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