Distill Videos: Day 1 - The Afternoon


We’ve returned to bring you even more video content from Distill 2014. To review, we covered our keynotes and the first half of day one. Now let’s take a look at the rest of the first day.

After a lunch with new friends and some lawn games (corn hole, bocce, dominoes) it was time to head back to our various stages. On the main stage, we were treated to our first round of robots live on stage, thanks to Distill alum Ron Evans and his merry helpers from Hybrid Group.

Over at Gigabit Glacier, Josep M. Bach was treating folks to his vision of the future.

Those attendees not at the Glacier, the Main Stage, or relaxing in our chill-out area were lucky enough to see Angela Harms give a talk on being human in order to be ore collaborative.

A quick break gave people time to digest what was professed on all the stages and socialize a bit more. After that it was back to Coder’s Cove to hear about process flow from Gonzalo Maldonado.

Meanwhile, over at the Glacier, Davey was pleased to host Daniel Luxemburg who discussed color and light using interactive techniques with smart bulbs.

Those who were looking for something on Data Science decided to head to the main stage to experience the intellect and wit of David Coallier.

After these session we had an ice cream break before everyone went to the main stage for our Prompt panel (look for this video in an upcoming post) and a closing keynote from the two person dynamo that is Dylan Richard and Harper Reed.

Stay tuned for videos from Day Two of Distill, as well as the Prompt Panel and Lightning Talks!!

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