Distill Videos: Day 1 - The First Half


As we mentioned in our post on building Distill 2014, the core is always the speakers, the content. We are happy to be able to deliver that content in the form of videos.

After a rousing greeting from Mr. Eamon Leonard and a rapid-fire keynote from Steve Souders, attendees took a few minutes to cool their brains, then headed to sessions on one of three stages. The main stage, hosted by your humble author, started with a focus on hardware. Amy Wibowo shared with us her amazing project: Sweaters as a Service - a knitting machine taking Ruby input to get designs.

Meanwhile, on the Gigabit Glacier stage, Davey Shafik hosted Michael T. Smith who focused on the enormous task of building sites for live events.

At the same time, Richard Watson was hosting the folks at Coder’s Cove. On stage was Naomi Freeman speaking on hackathons and how to change the world.

After a quick transition, André Arko took to the Coder’s Cove stage to tackle the topic of Metrics…and lies!

Over at the Glacier, Samantha Quiñones made all in the room more knowledgeable on the topic of Service Architectures.

And to cap it off on the main stage, Brenna O’Brien bent shapes and showed that design can go much further than simple pixels on the screen.

After all this learning, attendees got the chance to meet people and take a unique lunch…with new friends! A picnic lunch box was distributed at tables and folks shared what they learned that morning.

Want more videos? Check out all the keynotes and keep coming back as we release more in the coming weeks!!

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