Distill Videos Are Out!


Happy almost-Thanksgiving from Engine Yard! We have a long-awaited treat for you today: the Distill videos are now available to watch!

This past summer, we brought together pioneers and leaders in the tech community to share their experiences and expertise for our first ever developer conference Distill. The talks covered a wide variety of topics from entrepreneurship and mental health in tech to application architecture and user experience to testing and security and more. The speakers included Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, Hampton Catlin, inventor of Sass, Konstantin Haase, maintainer of Sinatra and developer at Travis CI, Matthew Weier O’Phinney, project lead on the Zend Framework and many more.

We had a grand time over two sunny days in August and we’re happy to be able to share some of the knowledge imparted and best moments with you. Our main objective for the event was to showcase distillation of best practices, new technologies and progressive methods currently on the rise in software development. We strived to make a special forum where the audience of diverse developers and artists could ruminate on the topics mentioned. We were able to bring in speakers and attendees from Australia, Germany, Japan and other far-extending locations to motivate our attendees to change the world with their creations.

As you may already know, Engine Yard is a leading Platform as a Service supporting applications developed in Ruby, PHP, Node.js and Java. As an active member of the developer community, we felt it was important to host an event to bring all of our communities together.

So once you’ve awoken from your food coma this weekend, be sure to check out the videos and experience the talks from Distill!

Elaine Greenberg


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