Introducing Distill 2014


Unexpected relationships forged on the crush floor at The Winery SF was just one of the indicators of the success of Distill 2013, our first ever developer conference. The talks featured flying robots, the creation of entire movements, and the beauty that comes from working in a world we design.

If this piques your interest, then you’ll be excited to hear about Distill 2014: The Essence of Development, to be held on August 7-8 in San Francisco, CA!

We want to build on the success of last year’s Distill and then take it further. Distill 2014 will bring you the people making the future happen on the web, mobile, and in hardware, while also featuring experts on data science, the cloud, and interface design.

The future is now, and this is where you come in! What are we looking for? Your stories can be diverse. Have you produced something technological that you’re proud of? Do you have a novel perspective on wearables or cloud computing? What about an accessibility tool for bringing people together who have difficulty connecting? Or perhaps your expertise is in robotics, and you want to share a breakthrough in anthropomorphic HCI design? If you have a story, then you have a potential talk. This is your chance to share your insights.

Last year our keynote speakers focused on different aspects of development and technology, such as Nolan and Brett Bushnell’s talk on Accelerating Creativity and Michael Lopp’s talk on Stables and Volatiles. And we’re confident this year will take these ideas even further.

We look forward to creating an amazing forum in which people can come together to learn and interact, to bring us into the future of our connected environment: the Internet of Us.

Apply through our Calls for Proposals form now. Entries close on April 30th, 2014.

Follow @distill for real-time updates.

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