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Austin (TX), USA (April 25, 2017) – Engine Yard, provider of the best cloud platform & support for Ruby on Rails, today announced that Crossover, the leader in cloud-based Ruby development teams, has acquired the company to develop the world’s best full-stack Ruby on Rails platform.

“Engine Yard has a decade of deep Ruby experience at the platform & support level and Crossover is the largest provider of Ruby developer cloud teams,” said Andy Tryba, CEO of Crossover & the new Engine Yard, and added: “By combining these two – we can now move up the stack and create a full stack Ruby on Rails experience to be a one-stop shop for the 1M+ Ruby applications out there.”

Earlier this month, Engine Yard announced it sold Deis, a provider of open-source tools to manage Kubernetes deployments, to Microsoft to refocus on Ruby on Rails. The company stated that it sold Deis to Microsoft after realizing the technology is better served as a feature in Azure and distracted Engine Yard from the original focus on Ruby on Rails.

“Engine Yard’s roots are in Ruby and we are looking forward to reinvesting in that space. We are excited in our new combined offering that leverages our decade of Ruby experience and our world-class support team to offer an optimized solution that is up to 50% lower cost than going to Amazon directly and up to 50% faster with our optimized Ruby stack. We invite the 1M Ruby application owners to try out our new full stack,” said Shawn Hermann, General Manager of Engine Yard.

About Engine Yard

Engine Yard is the leading Ruby on Rails full-stack platform empowering developers and DevOps teams provision, manage, monitor and control applications on top of Amazon. Engine Yard specializes in deep partnerships with customers to provide mission-critical support and uptime. Engine Yard has thousands of customers across 58 countries and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For more information about Engine Yard, please visit engineyard.com.

About Crossover

Crossover specialize in finding, testing, assembling and managing cloud-based Ruby teams. Crossover is currently in 108 different countries and is one of the fastest growing cloud talent marketplaces. Crossover is headquartered in Austin, Texas. For more information about Crossover, please visit crossover.com.

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