Category: Open Source

An Open Source Grant with a Difference

By Noah Slater February 12th, 2014

The Security of Open Source: The benefit of the process-enabled community

By Phil Marshall January 29th, 2014

Healthy Open Source Projects Need People

By Noah Slater January 22nd, 2014

Why You Should Manage & Control Open Source Used in Development

By Peter Vescuso December 10th, 2013

Good Reasons for Contributing to Open Source Projects

By Phil Odence December 3rd, 2013

Tips on Merging Code from an Open Source Project Maintainer

By Michal Papis October 16th, 2013

Our first OSS data sponsorship: meet Oleg, Teodor, and Alexander

By Ines Sombra August 23rd, 2013

RailsInstaller: An Unexpected Journey

By Evan Machnic May 28th, 2013

Rails 4, Part 2: What's New in Rails 4?

By J. Austin Hughey January 31st, 2013

New Innovations in JRuby 1.7.0

By Hiro Asari January 14th, 2013

Deploying Octopress to Engine Yard's Orchestra Platform

By Peter Meth January 3rd, 2013

Data Science at Engine Yard

By David Coallier October 25th, 2012

RVM 1.16

By Michal Papis September 27th, 2012

Application Server Showdown: Passenger vs. Unicorn

By Matt Mills September 18th, 2012

engineyard gem version 2.0

By Martin Emde August 16th, 2012

Looking at Lithium

By G Woo July 25th, 2012

Engine Yard Sponsors the Lithium Framework

By Elizabeth Naramore June 13th, 2012

RailsInstaller for OS X

By Dr Nic Williams June 1st, 2012

Engine Yard is Teaming with Red Hat on JRuby

By Bill Platt May 22nd, 2012

Introducing Bloggy: A simple way to add a Jekyll blog to any Rails application

By Zach Bruhnke May 3rd, 2012

OSS Grant Roundup: JRuby's New Intermediate Representation

By Subramanya Sastry April 28th, 2012

JS Interjection

By Thorben Schröder April 17th, 2012

The Hardest, Most Rewarding Job I've Ever Had

By Mitchell Hashimoto March 30th, 2012

RVM Needs Your Help

By Michal Papis March 23rd, 2012

In Case You Missed It: February's JRuby Meetup

By Elaine Greenberg March 6th, 2012

CFP for JRuby Conf 2012 is Now Open!

By Elaine Greenberg February 14th, 2012

My Summer of (Open) Source

By Konstantin Haase January 5th, 2012

Changing the World with Open Data

By Elizabeth Naramore November 11th, 2011

Ruby, Concurrency, and You

By Evan Phoenix October 14th, 2011

fog 1.0 is here!

By geemus (Wesley Beary) September 30th, 2011

It's All About JRuby

By Kelsey Schimmelman September 23rd, 2011

Engine Yard's Plans for Ruby 1.8.6

By Monty Mitra September 20th, 2011

RailsInstaller 2 for Windows released

By Wayne E. Seguin September 7th, 2011

Video Available: Rubinius and Ruby - A Love Story

By Shane Becker August 31st, 2011

A Gentle Introduction to CarrierWave

By trevorturk August 18th, 2011

Using Java from Ruby with JRuby IRB

By Hiro Asari August 9th, 2011

fog 2011 Halftime Show

By geemus (Wesley Beary) August 3rd, 2011

How invokedynamic just might save dynamic languages on the JVM

By @daksis (Randall Thomas) August 2nd, 2011

Concurrency in JRuby

By Nick Sieger July 22nd, 2011

Join the Global Rubinius Party #rbxday

By Shane Becker July 20th, 2011

JRubyConf 2011

By Charles Oliver Nutter July 15th, 2011

Ruby MRI, JRuby and Rubinius Throwdown Brodown

By Dr Nic Williams June 30th, 2011

Spinning Up Cloud Compute Instances

By geemus (Wesley Beary) June 27th, 2011

Mocking fog When Using It With Carrierwave

By Mike Gehard June 21st, 2011

RailsInstaller for Windows 2.0.0 Preview Release

By Wayne E. Seguin June 9th, 2011

RailsInstaller 1.2 for Windows Released

By Wayne E. Seguin June 1st, 2011

Using DataMapper and Rails with Legacy Schemas

By Piotr Solnica June 1st, 2011

Get your Rubinius T-Shirts and Stickers at RailsConf

By Shane Becker May 12th, 2011

The RVM Guy, Wayne E Seguin Joins OSS Community Grant Program

By Dr Nic Williams May 10th, 2011

RailsInstaller 1.1.1 Release!

By Wayne E. Seguin April 15th, 2011

Taking Stock of JRuby Web Servers

By Nick Sieger March 24th, 2011

fog 0.7.0, 0.6.0 and 0.5.0

By geemus (Wesley Beary) March 18th, 2011

JRuby 1.6 Released...Now What?

By Charles Oliver Nutter March 16th, 2011

JRuby 1.6.0.RC2 Released

By Thomas Enebo February 9th, 2011

JRuby, win32ole, and Vagrant on Windows

By Mitchell Hashimoto February 7th, 2011

Ruby on Rails on Windows - The Last Frontier

By Josh Hamilton January 4th, 2011

Connecting the Worlds of Java and Ruby with JRuby Webinar

By Nick Sieger December 20th, 2010

Getting Hired: fog Edition

By geemus (Wesley Beary) November 30th, 2010

Mitchell Hashimoto Joins Engine Yard OSS Community Grant Program

By Dr Nic Williams October 15th, 2010

Ruby Scales, AND It's Fast - If You Do It Right!

By Kirk Haines March 19th, 2010

Rails 3 Beta is Out -- A Retrospective

By Yehuda Katz February 4th, 2010

Homebrew: OS X's Missing Package Manager

By Andre Arko February 2nd, 2010

Render Options in Rails 3

By Yehuda Katz January 18th, 2010

Cassandra and Ruby: A Love Affair? (Key-Value Stores Part 3)

By Kirk Haines August 31st, 2009