Bring Your Own AWS Credentials to Engine Yard


Here at Engine Yard we’re always trying to make your deployment experience easier: easier to provision instances, easier to deploy, and easier to manage your infrastructure. Historically, part of that process involved the creation of an AWS account specifically for your individual use. However, with more and more companies adopting cloud-based architecture, more and more Engine Yard clients already have their own AWS account; whether it be used for massive numbers of instances, or just for S3 storage. We’ve heard your feedback and we’re happy to announce that you can now bring your own AWS account to our platform.

So if you already have an AWS account, the Engine Yard Platform can help you manage your infrastructure and support your DevOps Team! We’re calling the process “Bring Your Own Credentials” and it is now a live option for any new trial or standard accounts. When creating a new account, simply select the “Bring-your-own AWS Account” radial button during the account creation process, and follow the steps in the UI to use the Engine Yard platform on your own infrastructure!

There are a number of reasons why you would want to use your own AWS account rather than have Engine Yard create one for you. For our larger customers,there may be some cost savings to be had if you are able to negotiate with AWS for long-term instance deals. While Engine Yard offers a discount off the “on-demand” instance costs, AWS allows for you to sign long-term contracts for even more serious discounts. You might also need access into the AWS console for application reasons, BYOC allows you and your team the control over your entire AWS account.. The console access allows seamless integration for any new AWS services right into your application, especially those that might not be available through Engine Yard by default.

Depending on your size, perhaps the biggest reason to consider a BYOC account with Engine Yard would be the use of AWS Credits. Those AWS credits, often provided to Start-ups or smaller companies, can now be used in conjunction with the Engine Yard platform bringing together the strength of AWS with the simplicity of Engine Yard.

This is also great news for anyone who is currently leveraging AWS’s free tier. As long as you stick to using the instance sizes allowed under AWS’s free tier guidelines, you can now leverage the Engine Yard platform without incurring any infrastructure cost. Be sure to check the guidelines and restrictions set forth by AWS here: You’ll only be billed for the platform and support level you choose from Engine Yard, freeing you to use the credits, free tiers, or negotiated rates for your AWS Bill.

Getting started with the Engine Yard platform has now never been easier. So if you already have an AWS account, come check us out!

Will Adams


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