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Curing Operational Blindness

In the world of physical and virtual computing, there are thousands of metrics to choose from. These can range from describing a running operating system to describing multiple processes representing a single application running on many servers. Obtaining visibility into the runtime attributes of these servers and processes is critical to effective operations. We must have operational vision which consists of hindsight, sight and foresight. The ability to see past, present and future is critical to guiding effective operations and development. Without this vision we have operational blindness.

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DevOps Gestalt: Monitoring and Managing Applications on Engine Yard with AppFirst

Engine Yard is happy to announce a new partnership with AppFirst, provider of DevOps and Application Monitoring solutions for web applications. This will allow us to bring the highest level of support, operations and long-term value to our customers. Through a beautiful yet simple dashboard customers will have access to a unified view of their infrastructure, applications and business metrics. The AppFirst platform gives our customers full-stack visibility and allows them to pinpoint problems quickly as well as plan optimizations. In addition, this partnership also gives customers a unified repository for all their server metrics. AppFirst is passionate about DevOps and Big Data and Engine Yard is proud to be partnering with a company that is just as passionate as we are in these areas. Customers can expect to see benefits in diagnosing system bottlenecks, improving business metrics, increasing application performance and decreasing support response times.

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RailsInstaller 2 for Windows released

After over 70,000 downloads of RailsInstaller for Windows, it is with great excitement we have released RailsInstaller 2 for Windows. You may download it from the RailsInstaller website.

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RailsInstaller for Windows 2.0.0 Preview Release

RailsInstaller for Windows is a ‘welcome kit’ that allows you and your friends to quickly get up and running with Rails on Windows. In just three minutes you’ll get set up with all the common packages necessary for a full Rails stack, with git and ssh setup thrown in for free!

Feedback from Windows users has been along the lines of “wonderful”, “joyful”, and “thanks!” Non-users have asked “why did you use Ruby 1.8.7 instead of Ruby 1.9.2?” This is the dual nature of the feedback received since we released RailsInstaller a few months ago.

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RailsInstaller 1.2 for Windows Released

We have released RailsInstaller 1.2 for Windows. You can download it on the RailsInstaller website now!

RailsInstaller will quickly get you up and running with Rails. In one easy-to-use installer, you’ll get set up with all the common packages necessary for a full Rails stack, with git and ssh setup thrown in for free! Download it now and you can be writing (and running) Rails code in no time. If you like it, use it as a Rails welcome kit to share with others!

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RailsInstaller 1.1.1 Release!

Exciting news! We have released RailsInstaller 1.1.1 and the getting started experience is even easier than before! I’ve also created a new screencast embedded below which shows RailsInstaller, Git and deployment to Engine Yard AppCloud with the new free trial!

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RailsInstaller One Month Update

Exactly 1 month ago we released RailsInstaller 1.0.0 for Windows. Since then we have reached over 10,000 downloads and put out 4 bug fix releases. Our goal is to provide THE Welcome Kit to Rails that you will share among friends in order to welcome them to the enjoyable world of Rails development. I will call 10,000 downloads a success!

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Introducing Rails Installer

How can you share Ruby on Rails with your friends? How about giving them a Rails Welcome Kit to make it simple for them to get up and running with Rails? Enter Rails Installer, the best one-click installer for getting started with Ruby on Rails.

Anyone new to Rails, welcome! We want to make your Rails experience straightforward and enjoyable!

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Honey, I'm Home!!!

I recently installed Windows on a VM in order to get a baseline generated Rails application running. I have had no real Windows experience since the days of Windows 98. As such, I approached the problem the same as anyone who was new to developing Rails on Windows would, I googled it! Keep in mind that I am by no means a Ruby and Rails beginner; I know what every piece of the stack is, how it works and how to utilize it. After following the first three search results with lots of confusion, I finally pieced everything together. It still took a full 90 minutes to go from a fresh Windows install to a generated Rails application running using search result directions. Does it always take 90 minutes? No. Once you know what to do it only takes 10 or 15 minutes to set everything up. Setup should not take even that long the first time!!!
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