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Take Out The Papers And The Trash

How to clean and clear large tables in MySQL From time to time our data team gets requests for advice on how to perform cleanup operations against large database tables. Typically, these originate in a ticket requesting information about how the disk is being used or...
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The Importance of Testing Database Backups

Catching some attention in technology headlines this week, GitLab suffered a major loss of database data and had a long and difficult recovery due to a combination of failing and untested backup and recovery strategies. We commend their openness in responding to this...
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Faster Database Transfers

Sometimes it becomes necessary to move your database from one environment to another. Common reasons for this include: Updating a Testing or Development environment with Production data Migrating from one stack version to another (e.g. Stable-v4 -> Stable-v5) Upgrading...
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HELP! My Hair Is On Fire And My Database Is Using 90% Memory

One of the more common inquiries we encounter is a question about memory and/or swap utilization for database instances. Often this comes with a request to assist in upgrading to a larger database instance. Many times the upgrade isn’t actually necessary and we take...
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Important MySQL Configuration Changes

The data team is introducing configuration changes for MySQL that will allow us to bring new features to our platform. These changes will be mostly transparent, but some could potentially impact applications in a noticeable manner (both positive and negative). In...
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