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How To Dissect a Clojure Web Application and Deploy on Engine Yard

In this post, I’m going to build a simple Clojure Web app and deploy it to a Jetty application server running on Engine Yard’s cloud application management platform. In a follow-up post, I expand my Web app and show how to integrate it with a MySQL database server running in the Engine Yard environment.

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Invitation to try Java on Engine Yard's PaaS in Early Access

I’m Richard, the product manager for Java on Engine Yard. Back on 23rd September, I announced our support for Java on Engine Yard and explained why we added Java to our PaaS. That week, I demoed the platform to hundreds of people at our booth at the JavaOne conference. A few weeks later we launched Java in ‘limited access’ (or private beta) and had some customers help us test it.

Today, I’m delighted to be able to invite you to try Java on Engine Yard in early access.

An early access release means that the product is in public beta, almost ready, and we’re opening it up for more people to help us test. When that testing is done, this feature is released as general availability, and the result will be a unified service offering for Java, PHP, and Ruby applications.

What is this?

You can go to now and use our PaaS to create groups of load balancers, application and database servers on cloud infrastructure, upload Java web applications in WAR format, and scale those applications. The early access Java product allows you to configure environments with groups of servers running Ubuntu (12.04 LTS) in three roles:

  • application servers with Tomcat 7 or Jetty 9 Servlet containers running on Java 7
  • database servers with MySQL 5.5
  • load balancers using HAProxy 1.4.24

As supported components of the stack, this is just the start. Our platform engineers are busy adding more (for example, we’ve just added Tomcat as a Servlet container option).  We are looking for your direction on where to take the product after this first release.

Setting expectations

You will be amongst the first groups of people to try the Java platform. Moreover, you will be using our brand new UI and CLI to create and interact with your cloud environments. The UI and CLI are also in early access (and the other language stacks and cloud infrastructure choices on the UI are limited access). No doubt you will find wrinkles as you use the platform. So, we’d love to get all your feedback, both issues to fix and kudos for things you like in the platform.

We develop and release in an agile way at Engine Yard, so we will be deploying new features constantly to this service.  So, please, do not deploy production applications right now in this early access period. We will notify you of any anticipated breaking changes we make, or let you know when you need to update your test environments.

What to do now?

  1. Watch this demo walkthrough video

To give you an idea of what the platform can do and how easy it is, in the video, I walk-through:

  • creating and provisioning a server environment for Java applications
  • deploying a Java app I’ve built
  • a typical workflow of modifying the code, rebuilding the .war file and redeploying
  • using SSH to access and reconfigure the application server
  • using the MySQL database with my Java application
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Programming the Developer Stage at Web Summit

Engine Yard Product Manager Richard Watson tells the story of curating content for the developer stage at Web Summit. We hope there are useful tips in there for anyone organising a conference track, a CFP, or submitting to speak at one.

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Announcing Java on Engine Yard

We are delighted to announce that Engine Yard is adding support for running Java apps in the cloud, in addition to Ruby, PHP and Node.js apps. Early (beta) access to Java on Engine Yard will be available within 30 days. Developers will be able to deploy Java apps and services on an Engine Yard-curated stack, with component choices for JVM, application server, load balancer and database running on an Ubuntu­-based (12.04 LTS) Linux distribution.

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